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Personalized Healthcare & Wellness around your busy schedule

Programs to fit your lifestyle and wellness goals

Take charge of your health

Your health is your most important investment

Nursing Decoded is a personalized healthcare-focused practice led by a dedicated board-certified family nurse practitioner, Tiffany Ferguson.

Our mission is to support busy adults, ages 24-64, who often prioritize careers, children, aging parents, and other pressing responsibilities over their own health. We aim to demystify healthcare, empower you with knowledge about your personal health and wellness, and advocate for your overall well-being. Our goal is simple: to promote wellness and enable you to comprehend and proactively manage your own health.

In response to the expansion of telehealth during the pandemic, Nursing Decoded is committed to providing you with the access you need and the patient-centered care you deserve.


Want to use a device that can instantly detect your energy source in real time    with just a single breath?

Find out more about our unique Wellness + Lumen program. 

Lumen is the world's first hand-held, scientifically-validated device to accurately measure metabolism through the breath, in less than one minute. Lumen levels reflect which fuel sources the body is using for energy in that moment (fats, carbs or somewhere in between) which will make it easier to achieve weight loss, enhance athletic performance and improve overall metabolic health without the use of medications or fad diets.

Direct Care Concierge NP

Nursing Decoded is a direct care, cash pay practice.
We do not bill insurance providers.

This allows our costs to be lower and pass those savings to you.

Our concierge approach means that we come to you, with virtual appointments available to fit your busy schedule.  With 24/7 portal access to our team, you'll never have to navigate your wellness journey alone. 

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Virtual Hours by Appointment

Monday: evening hours

Tuesday: by invitation only

Wednesday: by invitation only

Thursday: evening hours

Friday: by invitation only

Saturday: morning/afternoon hours

Sunday: afternoon/evening hours

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