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Women with Sparklers

Your Next PMS Era

perimenopause and menopause 

Did you know that women spend more time in their perimenopause and menopause years then all of their childbearing years?  

Join us as we help you navigate, educate, and manage your time in this stage of your life.  This is a conversation all women should be having and would love to have your join us in to discuss how we can support you. 

Available in Illinois, Florida 

Women with Sparklers

Personalized 6 month Women's Health Program COMING SOON

  • 60 minute virtual telehealth appointment to discuss concerns, current symptoms, and possible medication options to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Importance of preventative care - including review of exercise options & importance of strength training 

  • Unlimited patient portal for check-ins and questions during entire program

  • Educational group virtual sessions monthly 

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